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Familiar breakdown and handling of general frequency transformer

visits:   time:2016/5/19 17:38:23

Now AC governor system what is said, It is an electronic power converter for AC motor frequency control system. Variable frequency speed regulation system with its superior to the characteristics of the dc transmission, in many situations were as the preferred transmission scheme,  Modern variable speed drives have adopted the basic 16-bit or 32-bit microcontroller as the control, in order to achieve full digital control, speed and performance DC converter basically similar, but the inverter, DC complex work than their maintenance in the event of failure , the company's ordinary electrician is difficult to handle that ,these are inverter common failure analysis of the causes and treatments. 


  Breakdown of parameter setting

  In the daily work of common frequency transformer, whether it can meet the requirements of the transmission system, the drive parameter setting is very important, if parameters are set incorrectly, which will  cause the drive does not work.

  Parameter setting

  Each parameter of common frequency converter has a default when it leave factory, these parameters named factory value. The user can operate it according to the panel, but panel operating usually can not meet most drive system demand, so before you operate the converter, you need to set up these parameters again:

               Confirm the motor parameters, set the drive power, current, voltage, speed, maximum frequency of the motor, these parameters can be obtained directly from the motor nameplate.

Control mode of frequency converter, means speed control, torque control, PID control or other way, after confirm control mode, you need to do static or dynamic identification according to control precision.

Set up starting model of frequency converter, you can choose panel, external terminal, communication mode, etc.

Selection of given signal, there are different ways to set frequency, such as, panel preset, external preset, impressed voltage or current preset, communication preset, you can choose one way or several ways together to preset. After parameter setting correctly, the frequency converter can work normally, if you want to get the best performance, parameters need to be set according to you real condition.

Processing parameter setting fault


Once the parameter setting fault occurs, the inverter will not run properly, the general parameters can be modified according to the instructions. If the above does not work, it is best able to restore all the parameters default setting, then reset according to above steps, different company has different resetting ways.