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How to maintain crane chain

visits:   time:2016/5/19 17:31:45

Stainless steel chain can be adjusted according to different lifting height, it is necessary and important load handling device, it plays an important role of improving working performance of crane, extending working range, then how to maintain crane chain?

Chain wheel mounted on shaft should not skew and sway, end face of two chain wheel in same transmission group should be in same plane. When central distance of chain wheel is less than 0.5m, tolerance limit is 1mm. When central distance of chain wheel is more than 0.5m, tolerance limit is 2mm. Sprocket side can not be rubbed. If the offset of two wheels is too large, easier to cause chain off and speed up abrasion, so when you replace chain, you have to check and adjust offset carefully.

Tightness of lifting chain should be appropriate, increase in power consumption is too tight, too loose chain bearing wear and easy to beat off the chain. The tightness of the chain: from the middle of the chain lift or pressure, two sprocket center distance of about 2% -3%

It is hard to adjust the length of new chain if it is too long or used chain elongated, you can remove china links according to real condition, but amount of links must be even number. Chain link should pass through the back, locking plate inserted on the outside, opening the lock piece should move in the opposite direction of rotation.

When chain wheel is serious abrasion, we should replace new chain wheel and chain, in order to keep good engagement. Only replace chain wheel or chain will cause bad engagement, speed up new chain wheel or chain abrasion. Some chain wheels can be used in two sides, when one side is abrasion, should use the other side in time, to prolong service time.

Old chain can not be used with new chain, or chain will be easier to be shocked and pulled off the chain.

Lifting chain at work should remember to add oil. The lubricant must enter the gap between roller and the inner sleeve in order to improve working conditions and to reduce wear.